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Tax Tip: Bausparer, watch out!

In the taxation of the savings interest rates savers need to consider a lot.

Since 2009, even those building loan interest rates of the withholding tax, which are financed by Auffüllkredit or loans subject. By an exemption order of savers can save taxes.

B is for 2008, credit interest on savings contracts to purchase an owner-occupied property was not taxable if they were pre-financed by Auffüllkredit or loans. Since 2009, however, such a building loan interest rates on the withholding tax subject. The amount can be taken from the relevant certificates of the building society. To avoid the collection of tax, the savings customers of the building society should provide an exemption order or non-assessment certificate insufficient height. of home savings fails to do so, he can pick up the flat tax back on the scope of the assessment, if necessary by completing the KAP.

Under certain conditions, the savings customers can also reimburse the withholding tax in later years or get credit on their tax: a prerequisite for the withholding tax decree of 22 December 2009, para. 126 that either the savings account was operated with an Auffüllkredit or financed by loans or that the financing business was completed by 30 June 2010 (grandfathering) or that the building society credit is used to purchase an owner-occupied property.

The tax tip: donations for refugees

The home savings should refund or credit of the retained withholding tax and solidarity surcharge under Section 32 para. 4 apply for Income Tax Act. The way to do this, the KAP (as of 2014) as follows: In line 5, the number 1 is entered in the field. 2 This means that the form is used to apply for a review of the Steuereinbehalts for certain capital gains. Then, the registered as certified by the building society capital gains in line 7 in block 10 (middle column). In line 7, box 20 (right column), the appropriate amount of taxable investment income, namely zero entered. The certified capital gains are entered on line 47 and the following lines. The corresponding tax certificates of the building society must be settled.