10 Bengali Fish Recipes You Must Try That All Bengalis Swear By

The Bengalis and their obsession with fish are not new to the world. From the country where meals are not complete without a fish curry, it is obvious that the state will have a long list of its Bengali fish recipes. We are here with the best bengal fish recipes that a Bengali cleaning is incomplete without.

Bengali fish recipes to try at home

Shorshe Ilish – Hilsa cooked in mustard paste

The king of fish, Hilsa, is a Bengali favourite. There is a myth that a Bengali spends his entire monthly salary in hilsas, and that is not far from the truth. Bring together two favorite Bengali dishes – Mustard and Fish Hilsa and trust them to weave magic. This is a simple recipe for monsoons and so tasty you can’t get enough.

Chingri Malaikari – Prawns in coconut milk

Another favorite of Bengali households is prawns or prawns. Prawns belong to the category of fish in West Bengal, so Bengali fish recipes using prawns are endless. This one is particularly native to Malaysia, hence the name ‘malaikari’. The dish uses the subtle flavors of coconut milk and onion paste and is usually reserved for special occasions and festivals.

Maach Kalia – Kalia Fish

This is a simple Bengali fish recipe where the sauce and the fish are the stars of the dish. Usually present at Bengali weddings, Fish Kalia is also a regular in Bengali homes on a daily basis. The best part about this dish is that you don’t need fancy and expensive fish for it.

Doi Maach – Fish in yogurt sauce

There’s something about yogurt-based sauces, and when paired with the flavors of fish, it’s magical. There are many variations to this recipe, and almost every family has their version of doi maach. But in all of these recipes, the doi or yogurt remains constant, which adds a sour, sweet, and tangy kick to the whole dish.

Daab Chingri – Prawns cooked in soft coconut

This dish used to be a staple in posh Bengali restaurants, but now they have reached ordinary Bengali households as well. This unique shrimp dish is cooked in tender coconut and results in a savory coconut shrimp sauce. This is one of those popular Bengali fish recipes.

Macher Jhol – Fish curry

We cannot have an article on Bengali fish recipes and not include fish curry. Good old fish curry is a regular everyday Bengali lunch staple and sometimes for dinners. Like doi maach, fish curry also has many variations. But the classic recipe is all about the fish, the potato, and the sauce.

Gondhoraj Machh – Gondhoraj Lime Baked Fish

The love story between Bengalis and Gondhoraj Lime goes back a long way. Gondhoraj lime is a variety of kaffir lime known for its distinct flavor and aroma. Add this to a fish juice and you have a recipe that is light, subtle and rich in flavor.

Macher Tok – Fish cooked in tamarind paste

Tok is basically a chutney made from tamarind paste. Also trust Bengalis to make fish chutney. Macher tok is a fish recipe where the sauce is made from tamarind paste, thus giving a tangy, sweet and sour taste to the whole dish.

Ilish Bhapa – Steamed Hilsa

They say you don’t mess with the king. That’s probably true for this Bengali fish recipe. Keeping all the flavors of the hilsa intact, this is a recipe where the fish should be steamed and accompanied by hot steamed rice. It keeps the original flavor and aroma of the fish intact and even improves them.

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