11 Best South Indian Fish Recipes | Best South Indian Fish Recipes

South Indian cuisine is varied and offers regional specialties from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. With easy access to the south coast, fish is a big part of the local food and for good reason. You can savor a range of lip-smacking fish preparations that make the meal an extremely satisfying affair. From quick fries and masala-coated fish to curries, biryani and roasts, fish is widely used and in many ways to impress different palates.

Some of the fish you will commonly encounter include seer, pearl spot, king mackerel, Indian salmon, mackerel, tuna, baby shark, and sardines, among others. A popular fish preparation along the southwest coast is to marinate the fish in masalas (red chilli powder, salt, turmeric), coat with semolina crumbs and fry in a pan until it is crispy. It can be enjoyed as a quick snack, but also to complement regular meals of sambhar rice.

For a more nutritious affair, the fish is made into curry using a number of spices and herbs, such as black pepper, curry leaves, fennel, red peppers, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, mustard seeds and the like. Tamarind, coconut milk, kokum, and tomatoes are often used as flavor enhancers.

Now would you like a tasty South Indian fish dish to make dinner time enjoyable? Don’t worry, we’re bringing you our best South Indian fish recipes for you to try –

1. Malabar Biryani Fish

This classic Malabar Fish Biryani can be devoured at any time. Savor the delicious taste of this always charming dish.

Malabar fish biryani made with aromatic spices; Image credit: Istock

2. Mangalore fish curry

King or surmai fish wrapped in a freshly made Mangalorean masala and steamed in banana leaves.

3. Meen Moilee with steamed rice

Kerala style fish with coconut curry, flavored with green chili, curry leaves and turmeric. Served with steamed rice.

4. Chapala Vepudu

Chapala Vepudu is a delicious fish preparation from Andhra Pradesh, South India. Sear the marinated fish in masalas, fried and mixed with onions and lime juice.

5. Gassi fish

Delicious fish sautéed in coconut and masala paste, simmered in tamarind paste and coconut milk.

Kerala fish curry

Spicy fish curry with tamarind and coconut milk; Image credit: Istock

6. Oil-free Kanyakumari fish curry

A whole fish curry cooked with a range of spices but without a drop of oil. Pair it with steamed rice for a delicious treat.

7. Karimeen Pollichathu

Marinated pearl speckled fish wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed until cooked through. Serve with a little steamed rice.

Pomfret polichathu

Pearl fish cooked with a range of masalas; Image credit: Istock

8. Chettinad Fish Fry

Pieces of Surmai fish marinated in a delicious masala and pan-fried until crispy.

9. Chepala Iguru

Marinated, fried and cooked fish in a rich sauce bursting with hot spices and mouthwatering flavors. Savor the gastronomic sparkle of this authentic fish curry from Andhra

Fish curry

Andhra-style fish curry bursting with tangy flavors; Image credit: Istock

10. Varutharacha fish

Meen Varutharacha is a fish curry from “God’s own country” Kerala. Pieces of marinated fish cooked in a sauce made from dry coconut, tamarind and red pepper paste. It’s fresh, easy and fast!

11. Neymeen Curry Recipe (Seer / Surmai)

A delicious fish curry that you don’t want to miss. The Neymeen or King Fish is used in the recipe to make a mouthwatering and mouthwatering curry that can be easily made at home for a festival or dinner party. The fish is cooked in a pool of tamarind water and spices which gives it a tangy and delicious taste when cooked.

Hope our list of the best South Indian fish recipes made you want to head into the kitchen and try the recipes to surprise your loved ones. If your favorite fish recipe is not mentioned, we would love to hear from you. Please share!

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