5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Glasgow, According to Tripadvisor

Smoked salmon, mussels and oysters, mackerel, sea bass, halibut – the list of tasty seafood available in Glasgow restaurants is nearly endless.

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<p>What is your favorite seafood restaurant in Glasgow?</p>
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What is your favorite seafood restaurant in Glasgow?

From traditional fish and chips to fine seafood, there are plenty of options in Glasgow.

Here are the five best seafood restaurants in Glasgow, according to TripAdvisor.

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5. Finnieston Bar & Restaurant

The most popular

The Finnieston Bar and Restaurant is the starting point for our top five list. This Argyle Street restaurant selects the best seafood available in Scotland, offering everything from Pittenweem lobster to Peterhead cod. The result: numerous five-star reviews from its customers.

The Fenwick Road establishment has received rave reviews from guests, with one even calling it ‘perfect’.

From platters of sushi and seared mackerel to platters of shellfish and caviar, The Rogano on Exchange Place has a fantastic range of delicious seafood. One reviewer called it ‘Glasgow’s best restaurant’.

Another Argyle Street restaurant is on the list. Crabshakk, which won the silver medal, offers a basic menu “that has hardly changed since day one,” according to the team. With rave reviews, it’s easy to see why Crabshakk has stuck with its popular menu.

1. Gamba Seafood Restaurant

The West George Street restaurant – which made its appearance in the Michelin Guide – wins the gold medal. “Excellent”, “exceptional” and “wonderful” dishes are just some of the reviews given to Gamba. It has earned 1125 five-star reviews from its customers, topping the Tripadvisor list.

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