8 easy, cheap and healthy canned fish recipes

When it comes to seafood recipes, Chef Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, aka “The chic pescatariansays canned fish, which has had a bad reputation in the past, may be a more affordable and sustainable option.

“A lot of people think of canned fish as a staple of the doomsday kit,” she told TODAY Food. “They think of it as this really weird thing – like the old cans of tuna that cost 99 cents or the really stale sardines in cottonseed oil that you get on the cheap in the stores. But the canned fish, or the fish. canned, has made a comeback over the last five or six years, and now you can really find canned fish as good as fresh fish. “

Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, known as Posh Pescatarian, says canned fish has grown in popularity in recent years.Stephanie Harris-Uyidi

Harris-Uyidi believes canned fish is growing in popularity because people are looking for fresh and interesting ingredients for cooking.

When shopping for canned fish, the Southern California chef said it was important to determine which region the fish came from.

“In the United States, there’s a lot of good stuff coming out of Alaska, mostly in the form of salmon and halibut,” she explained. “You will also find very good products from Portugal, Spain and Morocco.”

“It’s not just tuna and sardines like most people think,” Harris-Uyidi added. “I buy canned octopus, cockles, a Mediterranean fish called sea bream, squid in ink – it’s wonderful and I think it takes a while.”

Harris-Uyidi also says to try to find more expensive canned fish, as this is a sign that the product has been processed in a way that improves its quality and flavor.

“Some canned fish, for example, are cooked outside the box and then wrapped and sealed, and these tend to be of lower quality,” she said. “The higher quality versions tend to be baked in the box for a very short time. “

“Also look for varieties packaged in olive oil instead of cottonseed oil,” Harris-Uyidi added. “These high quality ingredients are literally what makes it delicious.”

Harris-Uyidi shared eight recipes that showcase canned fish, from sloppy Joe’s salmon to anchovy-stuffed eggs, for healthy weekday dinners that won’t break the bank.

Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

“I grew up eating devil’s eggs for Easter and things like that, but I’m not a fan of mayonnaise either,” Harris-Uyidi said. “I presented this dish at our last family reunion and it turned out like gangbusters.”

Made with many traditional stuffed egg ingredients, this recipe adds anchovies to give the dish a touch of umami and salt.

“The fish does all the work,” she says.

Pressed sandwich of Provencal eggplant and sea bream

Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

Harris-Uyidi said combining a meaty and substantial ingredient like eggplant with a French baguette makes for a fantastic sandwich.

“This sandwich is traditionally made with tuna, but when you swap canned sea bream it just makes it a little more luxurious and rich,” she explained.

Italian octopus salad with potatoes

Stephanie Harris-Uyidi

“I call it ‘Italian octopus’ because I use a brand of Italian octopus, but it’s also a very popular dish in Spain,” said Harris-Uyidi. “It’s a very easy way to bring the flavors of the Mediterranean to your table for under ten dollars.”

Italian Smoked Clams and White Beans on Toast

Malaika Desrameaux / Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

Using a rinsed can of cannellini beans, olive oil, tomato, and simple spices combined with smoked clams, Harris-Uyidi said this dish only takes a few minutes to prepare.

“Served with crisp white bread, this is a wonderful meal,” she said.

Spicy Italian mackerel spaghetti

Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

“Mackerel is one of those fish that tends to be very flavorful, so people stay away from it,” she said. “But they shouldn’t be afraid of it when it’s canned, because the process of canning fish really makes it sweet.”

Sloppy Joes with salmon

Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

A unique take on a childhood favorite, these Salmon Sloppy Joes are “a truly wonderful sandwich that appeals to most palates,” according to Harris-Uyidi.

Tomato-Basil Herring Quiche

Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi / Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

“It’s a classic brunch dish,” she said. “Herring is another of those fish that tends to be a bit heavily flavored but just like mackerel when canned it’s just delicious.”

Thai Salmon Cakes

Courtesy of Stéphanie Harris-Uyidi

Harris-Uyidi said these delicious Thai salmon cakes are one of his favorite dishes.

“It combines all of the herbal flavors that accompany Thai cuisine with salmon,” she explained. “You can prepare them as an aperitif or even serve them on a mini-bun as a slider.”

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