An appetizing look at the legacy of the Gaston County fishing camp

Gaston County may be over 200 miles from the North Carolina coast, but here a unique brand of restaurant has been around for years, commonly referred to as a “fishing lodge.”

Places like Graham’s Fish Fry and Lineberger’s Fish Camp may be gone, but Gaston County still has a number of traditional fishing camps open, such as Twin Tops and Catfish Cove.

The Cramerton Historical Society will explore the County Legacy of the Fish Camp from 11 am to 2 pm on Saturday, October 9 at the Cramerton Community Center.

Don Lineberger Jr., whose family operated Lineberger’s Fish Camp in southeast Gaston County for many years, will be one of the show’s presenters.

But words alone wouldn’t do justice to a program about the history of the Gaston County Fishing Camp. Participants can also pre-order a plate of fish cooked on site by the staff of the Twin Tops Fish Camp for $ 10 per plate.

An outdoor dining area will be set up at the community center where plates will be available to take away.

The program coincides with a new exhibit at the Community Center Museum celebrating the legacy of the Cramerton Fishing Camp.

The Lineberger Fish Camp was operated for many years by Luther Lineberger and his wife Sally.

According to information provided by the Historical Society, the family philosophy was to serve a large portion of seafood at a fair price in a family atmosphere. The restaurant, which was located where Amber Jack’s now operates south of Cramerton Middle School, also featured a world-class candy store with old-fashioned goodies.

Lineberger’s Fish Camp has never been open on Sundays or Christian holidays and no alcoholic beverages have been sold or permitted.

Lineberger’s and other fish camps were best known for their fried fish and other fried foods.

To reserve a plate of fish at Saturday’s event, call or text 704-905-9253.

A waitress at Twins Top Fish Camp serves fried fish in this 2014 Gaston Gazette archival photograph.
Twin Tops Fish Camp is still operating in southeast Gaston County.  A program on Saturday October 9 will examine the legacy of the Gaston County fishing camps.

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