Are these the best seafood restaurants in New Orleans?

On the heels of naming its top New Orleans steakhouses last week, and five years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Times-Pic critical Brett Anderson is back in action this week with another best-of list, this time concerning seafood. Taking on an extremely difficult task, Anderson manages to whittle down the number best seafood restaurants in new orleans only fifteen. The deal: Venues that only offer counter service can’t be included, nor can a restaurant that offers great seafood but doesn’t see seafood as its focus. With that in mind, there’s nothing too unexpected. Here they are:

  • One-eyed: “Chef Brian Landry does for Louisiana seafood cuisine what partner-boss John Besh does for French-Creole more generally at August Restaurant
  • Bourbon House: “The oyster bar is a major attraction.”
  • At Casamento: “Earliest example of the New Orleans form” of the “pocket oyster bar”.
  • At Draco: “The grilled oyster came to life at the original Métairie.”
  • A hard time : “Few neighborhood seafood restaurants, however, execute as excellent and consistent an array of dishes as The Galley.”
  • GW fins: “Fish flown in is as fresh as local fish.”
  • Harbor Seafood and Oyster Bar: “A lively, blue-collar oyster bar with a menu that covers all the bases.”
  • Horinoya: “Komei Horimoto’s sushi bar, established in 2001, is arguably the most stable local source for one of the most seafood-focused cuisines in the world.”
  • Kenner Seafood: “It will probably remind you of that place where your family always gathered for casual meals of fried shrimp and blackened finfish.”
  • Middendorf’s: Reasons to travel here include “picturesque views and the best thinly sliced ​​fried catfish around”.
  • Morton’s Seafood: “The family-run bar and grill on the Tchefuncte river speaks with a typical local accent.”
  • At Mr. Ed: “You can never have too many reliable suppliers for glazed raw oysters and eggplant casserole made almost entirely of crab.”
  • Peach : “A wood oven, a raw bass, a boatload of whole fish.”
  • Grilled red fish: “Creole haute cuisine respectfully caters to the masses.”
  • Seafood from Vera: A “preferred bric-a-brac design aesthetic in Key West” provides “a welcome transportation environment” for Louisiana seafood, despite a mall location on the North Shore.
  • Barbecue Shrimp: Emeril’s, Mr. B’s, Pascal’s Manale
  • Gulf blackened fish: Harbour, Jacques-Imo’s, K-Paul’s
  • Charbroiled Oyster’s: Drago’s, The Franklin, MeMe’s
  • Courtbouillon: Pig, Pelican Club, August
  • Crab au gratin: Bon Ton Cafe, Emeril’s Delmonico, Gallagher’s
  • Crab Ravigote: Annunciation, Galatory, Table
  • Etouffee: Bon Ton Cafe, The Galley, Liuzza’s By The Track
  • Rockefeller oysters: Antoine’s, Galatoire’s, Tommy’s
  • Seafood Bisque: Brigtsen’s, Morton’s, Peche
  • Seafood Gumbo: Commander’s Palace, Dooky Chase, Gallagher’s
  • Shrimp Remoulade: Arnaud’s, Galatoire’s, Upperline
  • Stuffed flounder: Borgne, Fury’s, Middendorf’s
  • Fine-Cut Catfish: Middendorf’s, Crabby Shack, New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood Co.
  • Trout Amandine: Galatoire’s, Mandina’s, Table
  • Trout Meunière: Clancy’s, Galatoire’s, Luke
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