Best Seafood Restaurants in Goa According to Locals Reviews

Goa, being a state located on the west coast of India, is well known for its seafood. Fish is a staple in the diet of every Goan. Moreover, being a tourist hotspot, the state has several shacks and restaurants that offer a variety of delicious seafood dishes. Almost every person in Goa has their own favorite restaurant where they go to satisfy their seafood cravings These venues can range from simple family restaurants to lavish gourmet restaurants and shacks.

Kingfish, red and black snapper, squid, tuna, oysters, shellfish, crab, lobster, sea bass, tiger prawns, black and white pomfret and mackerel are just some of the fish and seafood you can taste in Goa, this which makes it an ideal destination not only for avid seafood lovers, but also for anyone looking to expand their culinary horizons and try something new.

In this article, we explore the best seafood restaurants in Goa where you can enjoy amazing seafood dishes.


Kinara Bar and Restaurant, Chimbel

Kinara Bar and Restaurant, Chimbel (Image credit: Kinara Restaurant Facebook page)

First on our list of best seafood restaurants in Goa is Kinara Bar and Restaurant in Chimbel. All Panjimites, at some point in their lives, have visited this restaurant near Chimbel Market, to tantalize their taste buds with delicious seafood dishes. The owner of the place stocked up on fresh fish of the sea using its own trawlers many years ago. However, the seafood offered at this place is still very good even today. When you are at this place, you have to order something from the fresh catch of the day, which is then cooked according to your tastes and preferences. The fried chonak served here is simply amazing, as are the xinaneo, squid and lepo. The place is a bit difficult to find, but its huge popularity proves that its hidden location is no deterrent to people looking for fresh and delicious seafood dishes.

Gigi Park, Benaulim

Gigi Park, Benaulim (Image credit:

Next on our list of best seafood restaurants in Goa is Gigi Park. This restaurant is located just 200 meters from the Taj Exotica Resort in Benaulim. Although the restaurant mainly specializes in seafood, it also offers many excellent vegetarian dishes. Must try the Pomfret fish coated in masala with mashed potatoes and the spicy prawns coated in garlic and red sauce. These two dishes are very delicious and have an extravagant flavor. The Goan fish curry available here is very authentic and delicious. The waiters in the restaurant are very friendly and go out of their way to meet your every need.

Vinayak Family Restaurant, Assagao

Vinayak Family Restaurant (Image credit:

This family run restaurant is very basic in terms of decor, but has amazing and delicious food and drink. The dishes offered here are very authentic in taste and very affordable. Their Red Snapper Thali – served with mackerel sauce, crab curry, potato bhaji, tisreo (shellfish), a huge pile of rice and kadi sol – is just awesome. Besides the thali, you must also try the fried Rava prawns and the Xacuti crab with a delicious sauce. Both dishes are very tasty and will leave you wanting more.

Anand Bar Seafood Restaurant, Anjuna

Anand Bar seafood restaurant (Image credit:

This restaurant is located a few kilometers from the shores of beautiful Anjuna Beach. It is a quaint little place that is filled with tourists as well as locals at all times. Customers should try their seafood thali, with Rawa chonak masala fries on the side. The seafood thali includes white rice, cabbage fry, clam masala, Tawa trevally fry and Goan prawn curry. The Kingfish Fried Tawa is very succulent and lovely, while the Shrimp Curry is incredibly delicious and your taste buds will be begging for more! Their chonak masala Rawa fingerlings are just as appetizing.

Star Bar and Restaurant, Ribandar

Star Bar and Restaurant, Ribandar (Image credit:

And the conclusion of our list of the best seafood restaurants in Goa is the Star Bar Restaurant. It’s a small place tucked away in the back streets of Ribandar. The place is renowned for its fresh seafood offerings, which are always served in large quantities. The restaurant has a local bar atmosphere and a very limited fried fish menu with a few other dishes. It serves one of the best preparations of seafood Rava fries like mussels and chonak fish. As this is a very basic bar and restaurant, the seating inside is not suitable for families. They have a few tables outside when it’s not raining.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Head to one of these amazing restaurants in Goa and treat yourself to an incredible variety of mouth-watering seafood delicacies. Make your reservations now!

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