Best Seafood Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

The bay area is full of restaurants that celebrate the region’s awe-inspiring ocean richness, thanks to its easy access to the water and a dedicated fishing community. Longtime residents are poetic about the juicy, sautéed patches of sand found in classic San Francisco restaurants, while tourists flock to the oyster farms of Tomales Bay in search of those sweet, plump bivalves. . At old-school seafood restaurants like Anchor Oyster Bar and the century-old Swan Oyster Depot, the freshest clams, crabs and shrimp are dressed in a creamy and tangy Louie sauce or served with a cocktail sauce. It’s one aspect of the region that many immigrant restaurants specializing in Cantonese and Italian cuisine have also taken hold of – it turns out there is more than one way to steam a crab. If you are looking to satisfy your seafood cravings, check out this list of the best seafood restaurants in the Bay Area, which I put together after taking apart, shelling and inspecting hundreds of grilled crabs, shrimps, oysters. and other locals in the back of bay cafes, classic Chinatown institutions and pop-ups. It’s hard work, but I’m at your service. * Note that places with an asterisk in the name are also on the list of best restaurants.

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