Chef Neven Maguire enjoys some of Kerry’s best seafood restaurants

For us locals, the breathtaking reputation of our local seafood restaurants is well known, but it will soon be nationally recognized thanks to a new show led by celebrity chef Neven Maguire who was in the Kingdom this week.

The show, titled “Neven’s Irish Seafood Trails”, was filmed at a number of local restaurants over the past few days including Ballyseede Castle, Oyster Tavern and Spa Seafoods and will air at the start of the news. year on RTÉ.

Speaking to The Kerryman on Wednesday night about the filming experience, Kevin Walsh, owner of Spa Seafoods, said the show would be a huge boost to the area and the fantastic restaurants they have there.

“He does these shows in a lot of different areas. I think he’s been to Kerry before in places like Dingle, but I think it was his first time in this area. It’s great for us here, this promotion, ”said Kevin.

“With Covid, we decided that we were going to do take out only. We had been a seafood restaurant for 9 years, then when COVID hit, many places were going back and forth to do restaurant and food. We just decided even if we were going to stock up on take out, lower the prices and do standard restaurant food at take out prices, ”Kevin said.

The move, Kevin said, was a huge success for the restaurant, and he believes that is the reason one of the producers in Neven came in contact with them.

“We made one of our dishes with him, the Nasi Goreng, we made it with Dingle Bay shrimp and we made it with monkfish. He tasted it and he said that he really enjoyed it. It was great. He went out, our head chef Aidan O’Shea, he made this dish with him and he spun around with Neven in the kitchen a bit and a bit on the shop at the ‘outside.

“It was great. It will be fantastic for the area because we need something like that here to show off some of the fantastic restaurants that we have here,” Kevin concluded.

Finally, Neven stopped at Fenit where he spoke at length with the inhabitants of the fish species in our bay.

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