Clark’s Fish Camp reopens Friday night

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – A popular Mandarin-language seafood restaurant is reopening after it had to close a few weeks ago due to severe flooding.

Clark’s Fish Camp was closed for three weeks after several inches of rain seeped into the business. Since Friday is generally one of the restaurants on the busiest nights. The company has decided to reopen.

Clark’s Fish Camp has been in business for 40 years. The owner’s granddaughter fed the restaurant’s alligator, Lilly, in front of patrons eager to snap photos and even more eager to feast on their long-awaited meals.

Three weeks ago, the restaurant was flooded after a strong high tide covered the floors with about two inches of water. The owners said that although the restaurant is flooded every year, it was the worst flood that Clark’s Fish Camp has experienced in the past 40 years.

Customers weren’t the only ones who had to do without it; the 80 employees who were unemployed too.

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The restaurant said it was now developing a precautionary plan.

“We plan to elevate the restaurant. It will be one part at a time. About five years ago we raised the back half of our restaurant where all of our dry storage is, the food storage in the toilet, some time ago this part of the restaurant was what stood here and we’re losing all of our inventory. This year we haven’t really lost any inventory except all of our fresh produce, ”said Ashley Peoples , one of the owners of Clark’s Fish Camp.

The owners said they are still assessing the damage done and the revenue lost.

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