For the best fried catfish in Mississippi, visit Jordan’s Fish Camp

Many restaurants claim to serve some of the best fried catfish in Mississippi, but Jordan’s Fish Camp delivers! Unassuming in appearance, the roadside restaurant is easy to miss. However, the lucky few who do Stop inside and quickly learn that, just like books, restaurants shouldn’t be judged by their appearance.

For more information on this road stop in Mississippi, call Jordan’s Fish Camp at (601) 848-7721. You can also visit Jordan Fishing Camp Facebook Page.

So, did you know this little town fishmonger? Have you ever dined at Jordan’s Fish Camp? If so, how do you think the fish prices? Is this the best fried catfish in Mississippi? Tell us what you think.

Of course, Jordan’s Fish Camp is just one place in the state known for its catfish. There are several others that claim to serve the best catfish in Mississippi, including Taylor Grocery.

Address: Jordan’s Fish Camp, 694 US-45, State Line, MS 39362, USA

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