Goan Seafood Restaurants in North Goa to try Tisreo & Kaalwa fries

The beautiful state of Goa, also known as the land of sun, sand and sea, is very famous for its cuisine. Goan recipes have a mixture of Indian and Portuguese influences. Thousands of tourists who come to Goa for a well-deserved vacation are eagerly looking for places to taste the authentic flavors of Goa. Here is a list of the best Goan seafood restaurants in North Goa that offer authentic Goan cuisine.

Vinayak Family Restaurant, Assagao

Vinayak family restaurant in Assagao (Image credit: facebook.com/trevor.india)

Starting the list of best Goa seafood restaurants in North Goa is Vinayak. This family run restaurant is very simple and basic in terms of decor but the food is outstanding. The decor is simple with nice open fields on one side and nothing fancy. Their fish thali – only cut during lunch hours – is awesome. The dishes are authentic in taste and very affordable. Besides thali, you can try Rava fried prawns, Xacuti crab – with delicious sauce with phulkas and red snapper thali served with mackerel sauce, crab curry, potato bhaji, tisreo (shellfish), a huge pile of rice and kadi soil. The price is quite reasonable and the food is very tasty.

The Goan Room, Dona Paula

The Goan Room (Image credit: facebook.com/thegoanroom)

Next on the list of best Goa seafood restaurants in North Goa is Goan Room. This is a good restaurant in the heart of Dona Paula. It is very close to Dona Paula beach and Dona Paula pier. It’s a feel-good restaurant with Mario Miranda-style wall coverings. The restaurant is quite spacious with plenty of tables and has seating on the ground floor as well as an air-conditioned section on the mezzanine. It is renowned for serving mouth-watering Goanese cuisine. Their fish thalis are the most popular dishes among diners during lunch hours. They serve the famous Patrao Thali – which is quite substantial and tasty, with a mix of seafood like trevally, prawn curry and cutlet, fish curry, crab curry, etc. They also have a well-stocked bar that offers a variety of cocktails, mocktails, liqueurs, and gins. Their service is fast and their staff is friendly. All in all a good place to have a Goan meal in Dona Paula.


Anand Seafood Restaurant, Anjuna

Anand Seafood Bar and Restaurant (Image credit: facebook.com/TheKrazyButterfly/)

Anand Seafood Bar and Restaurant is one of the best places in Anjuna you can go there if you are looking for authentic Goan seafood! Located in the countryside near Anjuna beach, this quaint little place is always full of tourists and locals. The place has a very simple vibe. They have a nice outdoor seating area as well as an air conditioned section inside. Their food is good and the portions served are a good size. Their prices are also quite reasonable.

One can opt for their seafood thali with Chonak masala Rawa fries as an appetizer or the normal vegetarian thali. The seafood thali consists of white rice, cabbage fries, clam masala, Tawa trevally fries and Goan prawn curry. Their Tawa trevally fingerlings are very succulent and lovely. The prawn curry is incredibly delicious and your taste buds will be asking for more! The Rawa chonak masala fry is just as appetizing. Vegetarians can try their vegetable thali which consists of cabbage fries, dal rice and papad. The place is a must visit in Anjuna.

Kokni Kanteen, Panaji

Seating arrangement at Kokni Kanteen, Panaji (Image credit: facebook.com/koknikanteengoa/)

Finally, on the list of best Goan seafood restaurants in North Goa is Kokni Kanteen. Kokni Kanteen, which is decorated in the style of a 1970s canteen, is known for its thalis and is always busy for lunch and dinner. The canteen’s decor – bunches of chilli peppers on the walls and porcelain vessels adorning the shelves – transports you to a time when purumenth (supply for the monsoon season) was needed. Here, every meal is freshly prepared.

A small main course menu offers a wonderful insight into Goa’s green culinary heritage. Semolina-coated breadfruit fritters, homemade toi dal and ambadyache uddamethi, a dish made with fenugreek, split black gram, coconut and pork plum, are among the highlights of thali vegetarian. Ghotache sasav, sweet mango curry and maskachi bhaji which is made with sautéed moringa leaves and jackfruit seeds are all worth trying.

So, when you are in North Goa, head to one of these amazing restaurants and treat yourself and your family to a feast of mouth-watering Goan delicacies. Enjoy your lunch!

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