Houston’s 10 best seafood restaurants

HOUSTON (KTRK) – Use this list to help you get through Meatless Fridays during Lent! We asked ABC13 viewers for their favorite seafood restaurants, and here are the top 10:

Pappadeaux Seafood Cuisine
To eat fish on Friday, try Pappadeaux! It’s seafood with a Cajun twist. It’s one of the largest franchises in the Pappas family business, and Houstonians have a dozen of Pappadeaux locations to choose from. Make sure to join their e-Club to receive specials and offers straight to your inbox.

Pappa’s Seafood House
Also from the Pappas family is the second favorite among ABC13 viewers. Pappas Seafood House serves traditional dishes of fresh seafood. There are five in the city to choose from! Just like Pappadeaux, be sure to sign up to receive their emails about discounts and specials.

by Truluck
Truluck’s two locations in the Houston area pride themselves on serving only fresh seafood. Every day their boats go to the Gulf of Mexico, set their traps and catch the crab. They then return to their Florida fisheries where they cook the crab, grade it, and pack it in ice. Then they leave for the airport and the restaurant traps at your table in less than 24 hours.

Bluewater Seafood
In 1996, a third generation commercial fisherman and his wife opened their first restaurant called Bluewater Seafood. Now there are three locations in the area. Join their e-Club and you’ll get $ 10 off your first visit!

Surface water grill
If you’re out on the water in San Leon, dock your boat at the Topwater Grill and try some of our viewers’ favorite seafood. Bring your fresh peach too – if you hang it up, they’ll cook it! Don’t worry, if the fish doesn’t bite, there are plenty of fresh starters to choose from!

Golden house of seafood
If you are looking for a fried fish restaurant, Golden Seafood House is for you! There are 3 locations in the Houston area. Viewers say the food is fresh, clean, and inexpensive. What more could you ask for?

Monument Inn
The Monument Inn at La Porte has been in business since 1974. If you’re really hungry, try their all-you-can-eat offer. They will serve cold boiled shrimp, oysters on the half-shell, fried catfish, prawns, oysters, stuffed crab, French fries, rolls and cinnamon rolls until you said stop. The special is every day for $ 39 / person.

by Gaïdo
San Giacinto Gaido opened the doors of its Galveston restaurant in 1911. The staff still shell their Gulf shrimp, shell their Galveston Bay oysters and fillet their fresh fish, by hand, the same way SG did it. over 100 years ago. Over the years, Gaido’s has seen a number of celebrities and presidents dine at their restaurants.

Eddie v
There are two Eddie V locations to choose from: one in River Oaks and one in CITYCENTRE. The upscale restaurant is known for its fresh seafood with over a dozen different starters to choose from, as well as hand-cut steaks. There is also live jazz at the V Lounge.

Captain Tom’s
You’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you see the boat-shaped restaurant. This is the reason why Captain Tom’s is known to regulars as The Boat. The Boat usually sells out, but that means the food is good!

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