How to transmit your Web Designer value to the client

If the work of Web Designer / Web Developer is in fact a creative and fun art, the relationship with the client can, at times and in particular situations, become very combative.

There may be discrepancies in payments, where the customer can ask the developer to be “flexible” about the previously agreed amount. Or as often happens, related to the so-called ” creep scope ” or enlargement of the project objective, which basically results in continuous and repeated changes, in the features, in the layout or in the final purpose, at any point between the beginning and the end of the work relationship, of the project itself. All this combined with the fact that the customer informs you that you will not be paid for the amount stipulated by the contract as long as all the stages will not be covered.
It is therefore important, as a Web Developer , to have optimal technical qualities, also to be able to show its value and make it worth it .

First of all, it is good to frame the profession of Web Developer not as an “esoteric” work whose value is completely subjective, but as an important technical work that allows to increase the value of the customer’s brand , through different means of communication. This important feature must first be understood by the developer, and then by the customer. In many, in fact, designers who consider themselves “artists”, and as such, often turn out to be misunderstood and underestimated. That of Web Design is certainly an artistic profession, but above all technical and practical.

Furthermore, a professional Web Developer should clarify every single aspect of the project before the development of the project begins. There is a Core part , and an Extra part, or as many like to define, a Core part and a More part. All changes that are not part of the Core are treated as an Extra / More part , and therefore additional tasks. If you have a fault in the control unit of the car and you take it to the mechanic, the latter will repair the ECU. If problems are subsequently presented to the brakes and tires, the resolution of these malfunctions will not be included in the previous work. The problem with the ECU is our Core, the problems with the brakes and tires are the More. Likewise, in the context of Web development, it is good to define everything that does not fit into the main part of the project, which will be treated as an additional modification. This not only serves the designer, but also the customer, who will have a much clearer overview of the situation. Clarity in defining the project is essential for both parties, and is a key factor in every type of job. Unfortunately, unfortunately, this key factor is underestimated by both customers and Web designers themselves.

The quality of the Web Developer should never be questioned. For this reason I recommend to all developers to accept only jobs that their technical capabilities allow to realize, and constantly update their development baggage. Would you ever go to a surgeon or dentist who uses dated techniques and technologies? I do not believe. In the same way the Web Developer must always guarantee the highest quality, and any discrepancies must come only from modifications or extra additions, or from changes in objectives, and never from malfunctioning services.