Indexes of popularity of programming languages: Swift enters the top 10 TIOBE

The ranking that indicates the degree of popularity of the major programming languages ​​always gives interesting challenges and twists.

At the moment the language dedicated to developers of applications based on iOS, Swift (Apple’s home) has officially entered the top ten of the most used languages ​​in the world of computing, while Python has taken a few steps back, leaving the highly sought after top three.

This analysis derives from the data of the TIOBE Index , a system for measuring the degree of popularity of programming languages ​​conceived and maintained by the TIOBE corporation.

In September Python had entered the top three of Tiobe, preceded only by Java and C, but in the October ranking he had to give up the third step of the podium to C ++. However, Python’s popularity remains undisputed and improved compared to October of last year, when it remained anchored to the fifth position.

The PYPL index ( PopularitY of Programming Language Index ), a system of analysis based on the frequency of research of specific tutorials of a programming language on search engines, shows instead great interest in Python, a language that in this sense has grown more than all (+ 5.4%) in terms of popularity compared to others over a 12 month period. The authors of the PYPL index consider this to be a more reliable parameter than the TIOBE counterpart, which in their view is more a product based on a more misleading evaluation: the presence of the programming language name in search queries of search engines.

The top 10 of TIOBE beautiful October are: Java, C, C ++, Python, Visual Basic .NET, C #, PHP, JavaScript, SQL and Swift. The tenth place was a lot of fights in the previous months, with a battle between Ruby and Perl. The overshoot by Swift, as reported by TIOBE, clearly indicates that this language is the undisputed number one in the field of mobile apps for iOS. However, since Swift produces iOS and non-Android applications, many developers tend to move on to “mass distribution” solutions and frameworks.

The most plausible challengers for the tenth position are “R”, which is becoming an increasingly fierce competitor, and “Go”.

Contrary to TIOBE, the top 10 of PYPL presents Python in first place, followed by Java, JavaScript, C #, PHP, C, R, Objective-C, Swift and Matlab.