Indiana’s 10 Best Seafood Restaurants

Seafood is one of the most popular food choices in America, whether it’s fresh steamed shrimp and crab legs or fried fish fillets and clams. From fresh catches available by the pound to award-winning meals prepared by world-class chefs, the state of Indiana serves up some of the best seafood in the country. If you’re craving seafood in Indiana, you need look no further than these ten top restaurants.

10. Kona Jack’s Fish Market and Sushi Bar – Meridian North

The Kona Jack Fish Market and Sushi Bar is a local favorite for fresh seafood in the Indianapolis area. The market offers a wide variety of seafood, including sushi-grade fish, live lobster, and king crab legs. You can also order cooked seafood to take away or enjoy a meal in the cozy restaurant. If you like aquariums too, you will like this place more because the place is full of aquariums. Their seafood is Hawaiian style and they also have a sushi bar. According to their websitethey have a fish market on site where you can buy fresh fish and enjoy live music.

9. Chubby Trout – Elkhart

If you want to experience some of Indiana’s best seafood, you have to head to Chubby Trout. This restaurant is known for its fantastic trout dishes, but it also has a wide variety of other seafood options. Another great thing about this restaurant is that they brew their beer so you can enjoy it. enjoy a good cold with your meal. The restaurant also offers catering options so if you are having a party you can book with them.

8. Noa Noa Wood Grill & Sushi Bar – Warsaw

Next on our list of top ten Indiana seafood restaurants is Noa Noa Wood Grill & Sushi Bar, located in Warsaw. Thanks to its fantastic quality and taste, this restaurant can be considered the best sushi restaurant in Indiana. Serving delicious tropical themed Japanese cuisine and a fantastic selection of sashimi, nigiri and other sushi dishes, it’s no wonder Noa Noa Wood Grill & Sushi Bar is so famous. With a large selection of starters, salads, soups and desserts, you’ll be able to create the perfect meal for any occasion. The restaurant also has an on-site fish market, so if you want to recreate your favorite sushi dishes at home, you can source the ingredients here.

7. Formosa Seafood Buffet – Castleton, IN

Formosa Seafood Buffet in Castleton, Indiana is a great place to enjoy a delicious seafood buffet. With over 60 different dishes available, this restaurant is well known for its generous buffet and Chinese cuisine, which is mainly seafood. The menu includes different types of sushi and sashimi, crab legs, crayfish and a wide selection of cooked seafood. You can also find a variety of traditional Chinese dishes, such as General Tso’s Chicken and Kung Pao Shrimp. The restaurant also offers desserts, so if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll want to check out Formosa Seafood Buffet.

6. Theo’s Steaks and Seafood – Highland

Theo’s Steaks & Seafood is a family owned restaurant serving the community for many years. The menu features fresh and never frozen seafood and cooked-to-order steaks. Theo’s also offers a wide variety of wines and beers to accompany your meal. This is a place where you can find both a casual and fine dining experience. According to their websitethey can accommodate banquets, so they can be the perfect place to host if you have an event coming up.

5. Mitchell Fish Market – Carmel

At number five, Mitchell’s Fish Market is one of Indiana’s best seafood restaurants. Mitchell’s Fish Market is located in Carmel, Indiana, and is known for its wide variety of delicious seafood. This chain has several locations in the Great Lakes region, including Carmel, Indiana. Mitchell’s Fish Market is known for its wide variety of seafood, including lobster, scallops, shrimp, and more. Carmel’s location is also ideal due to its convenient location and beautiful outdoor patio.

4. Clarksville Seafood – Clarksville

Family businesses could hardly be more charming than Clarksville Seafood. This cozy little restaurant is located in a historic building and serves some of Indiana’s best seafood. The menu features fresh, local seafood like catfish, trout, and prawns. The crab cakes are a house specialty and not to be missed. There’s also a great selection of fish and chips, which are always tasty, and daily specials like Rockefeller oysters and stuffed plaice. If you’re looking for a casual place to enjoy fantastic seafood, Clarksville Seafood is your place.

3. Umi Sushi & Lounge – Crown Point

Umi Sushi & Lounge is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Offering fresh sushi, seafood, and specialty drinks, the restaurant is the perfect place to go when you’re craving seafood. Umi Sushi & Lounge is located in the heart of downtown Crown Point, Indiana . Decor is sleek and modern with a hint of Japanese influence. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes from sushi, sashimi, nigiri and seafood. The lunch and dinner menus are almost identical, so you can take advantage of the restaurant for the meal that suits you best.

2. Lighthouse Restaurant – Cedar Lake

Another great seafood restaurant in Indiana is at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Cedar Lake. The restaurant is located directly on the lake, offering stunning views for guests to enjoy while indulging in their seafood feast. The menu offers a variety of seafood, such as shrimp, lobster , crab cakes, etc. Each dish is prepared with fresh, high quality ingredients, providing a memorable and delicious dining experience.

1. Caplinger’s Fresh Catch Seafood Market and Restaurant – Zionsville

At number one we have Caplinger’s Fresh Catch Seafood Market and Restaurant in Zionsville, Indiana. This seafood spot is a local favorite, known for its fresh fish and delicious seafood. Whether you’re craving crab, lobster or oysters, Caplinger’s has you covered. Caplinger’s is a great choice for those looking to grab a quick bite or those craving a delicious seafood meal.


There you have it: the 10 best seafood restaurants in Indiana. If you’re looking for a fantastic meal, check out these great restaurants. Whether you’re craving crab, shrimp, or something else entirely, there’s a seafood restaurant on this list that will satisfy your cravings. So what are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy some of Indiana’s best seafood.

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