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FENWICK ISLAND, Of the. – Southern Delaware is home to beautiful beaches and great food. WRDE will give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite restaurants along the coast.

Matt’s Fish Camp opened a new location on Fenwick Island about three weeks ago, and it already has some local favorites, like Sussex County Fried Rice.

SoDel Concepts founder Matt Haley opened the first Matt’s Fish Camp location in Bethany Beach in 2011, after visiting fish camps he really enjoyed. It has now spread to three locations.

“They pay homage and pay homage to the original fishing camps, from long ago with the buoys, the bait boards, the menus are slightly different, we have Baltimore style food on this menu being close of Maryland,” said business leader Ronnie Burke.

Executive Chef Charles Armstrong said: “We’ve only been open for 3 weeks now, it looks like our Sussex County Fried Rice Bowl is very special and people are loving it.”

It’s fried chicken, local junk and rice.

While fried chicken, Chef Armstrong said “we’ll start with the rice, napa cabbage, mushrooms, edamame, we’ll cook it a little to get it nice and hot.”

Chef Charles then spread jalapeno ginger mayonnaise on the plate and topped it with rice, chicken, fried egg, scrapple, Japanese 7 spice and green onions.

Matt’s Fish Camp is a place that Burkle says brings the community together with its family atmosphere and simple, fresh ingredients.

Matt’s Fish Camp is open daily from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

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