LoLo’s Seafood Shack serves up the best crispy fried seafood in New York City

New York has no shortage of great seafood and fish and chip restaurants, but if you want something completely different, you need to head uptown. LoLo’s Seafood Shack is on 116th Street, near the lower edge of Harlem, and this Caribbean hole-in-the-wall is a memorable experience. From punchy flavors and unique combinations to charming seating arrangements, this local joint is sure to never think of fried seafood the same way again.

Have you ever been to LoLo’s Seafood Shack? Let us know what your favorite dishes are on the island-themed menu, or if there are any other crispy fried seafood joints you think rival it. If you’re planning a visit downtown, be sure to visit the restaurant’s website and Facebook page to learn all about their menu and latest promotions.

Address: LoLo’s Seafood Shack, 303 W 116th St, New York, NY 10026, USA

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