Micro Site. Much more than just a domain!

Creating a website is a fundamental step for anyone who wants to promote their business or brand online.


But in some cases developing such a project could require a substantial commitment in terms of time, planning and investment.
This is why a service that allows you to create a free Internet site after registering a domain name could be the ideal solution for those who want to quickly build their presence on the Internet.

This service exists, is proposed by , takes the name of Micro Site and you can try it for a whole year , at no cost.

Adhering to the offer is particularly simple because it includes just four steps:

  1. a domain name is registered in case it has not already been done;
  2. Micro Site is activated for free by the service control panel;
  3. choose the most suitable template for your project and then insert contents of any type;
  4. finished! All that remains is to publish your own online website.

For those who need to create a particularly complex project, at any time it will be possible to move to a more complete configuration of the service and access various additional features.

Features of the service

Micro Site provides all the essential features to quickly create a website with a view to maximizing productivity. To effectively achieve this result, the service offers:

  • the possibility of being immediately online, thanks to the availability of a Drag & Drop editor with which to quickly position the contents within the pages, it will not be necessary to write any line of code;
  • a high level of flexibility, allowing you to add new pages and features at any time;
  • the opportunity to create an extremely personalized website, choosing between different templates and integrating the single page layout with texts, images and videos;
  • the guarantee of creating a responsive project, therefore optimized for all the devices most used in navigation such as smartphones, PCs and tablets.

Guaranteed performances

Another feature to be taken into account is certainly the loading speed , which is fundamental today given the widespread use of mobile connections on demand on the data line. Web sites that can be created with Micro Site are in fact designed to reduce waiting times to a minimum even if you surf with reduced bandwidth.

In this regard, Micro Site only generates websites optimized on the basis of Google PageSpeed guidelines, the set of tools made available by the Mountain View giant to measure the performance of an online project even at the performance level.

Everything for content management

Being able to use a Drag & Drop editor to manage page elements without having to deal with the code is an undoubted advantage for those who do not usually work with standard Web technologies. But Micro Site also offers a valuable support to creativity by providing:

  • a photogallery full of free images to choose from those best suited to your project;
  • the possibility of easily integrating videos taken from streaming platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo onto the website, thus increasing user involvement;
  • compatibility with all the most important feedback creation systems including MailChimp and Google Docs.

A free .it domain, all inclusive

In addition to the opportunity to test Micro Site for free for a year, also offers free registration for 12 months of a domain name with the extension “.it” .

The offer is dedicated to both companies and individuals, includes regional extensions (for example “.toscana.it”, for initials “.taa.it”) as well as provinces (“milano.it” or for initials “mi.it “) And for each registration you will have:

  • 3 2GB email boxes with antivirus and antispam accessible from both WebMail and email client;
  • a PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) box for professional communications;
  • unlimited web space with 3GB of monthly traffic, 1 FTP account and website access statistics;
  • unlimited subdomains , for e-commerce (“shop.miosito.it”), mobile (“m.miosito.it”) or any other project related to their online presence;
  • DNS management to independently configure the pointing of the Name Servers, all thanks to a panel with which to easily set the DNS Records;
  • customer support 7 days a week by phone, chat and email.

‘s proposal for free registration of “.it” domains saves € 35 including VAT, without counting the possibility of creating your own website at no cost with Micro Site.

The offer only concerns online purchases, is valid for one year from registration and is limited to 3 domains for each customer. For customers who join the Business Partner program, the limit is instead of 5 domains. The service will be automatically renewed at the list price if it is not deactivated from the control panel up to 30 days before the deadline.