New seafood restaurants appear as summer approaches


Mid-90s temperatures and heavy rains this week reminded Michigan residents that summer is just around the corner. If you fancy the flavors of the ocean but can’t make it to the coast, these restaurants in Lansing are here for you. Don some sandals, maybe a Hawaiian shirt too, and try some of the best seafood our area has to offer.

King crab

Owner Eko Dananjaya spent most of 2020 perfecting his Cajun spice blend and seafood boiling technique. He wanted to bring the tastes of Louisiana to Lansing. King Crab offers staples of Cajun cuisine, like po’boy sandwiches and seafood combos that are big enough for the whole family.

“This summer, we will be offering special coupons to our customers. We are delighted, ”said Dananjaya. “We’re going to add a full bar. Dananjaya predicts that the bar will be open in about two to three months.

In the meantime, try one of the brand new entrees that grace the menu. King Crab now offers hush puppies, crab meat fries, fried calamari and more.

“This summer, we’re just going to continue to offer the highest quality seafood,” Dananjaya said.

The spicy crab

The owners of The Tangy Crab came up with the idea of ​​opening a restaurant after a vacation down south. They loved the comfortable feeling they got as they sat around a table with their family and friends, devouring crab legs by the pound.

For a limited time only, The Tangy Crab is bringing the Tangy Festival – five whole pounds of seafood, including crab, shrimp and more. It is also accompanied by corn and potatoes. For those big summer gatherings, you can “double the fun” to get ten pounds of seafood. That should be enough to keep a party going until sundown.

Crazy crab

Fancy Chinese cuisine and Cajun seafood? Crazy Crab offers an eclectic menu that combines the best of both worlds. This is the only restaurant on this list that offers both boiled snow crab legs and General Tso’s chicken. It’s the perfect place for lunch or dinner if you just can’t decide what to eat. For those who like full control over their dining experience, Crazy Crab offers a meal prep option. You can choose your favorite seafood, flavor profile, and spice levels. Be careful, Crazy Crab has an extra hot seasoning that could bring tears to your eyes.

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