Programmer life: salary and career opportunities

The work of the programmer (or developer , to put it “in English”) is certainly a profession with great prospects.


According to authoritative studies, in the coming years there will be a demand for programmers much wider than the offer: limited to Europe, in fact, it is estimated there will need about 900,000 new programmers by 2020. For this reason giants like Facebook and Microsoft are carrying out awareness campaigns for teaching the rudiments of programming already in school age.

As always, circumscribing the speech to our country, the prospects appear less rosy, this because in Italy there is a chronic refusal of modernity and, at the same time, a poor appreciation of the new digital professions (a recent article in Panorama spoke of a ” new working class “referring to digital professionals in Italy).

This attitude, of course, is also reflected on earnings: if a developer overseas can aspire to salaries of $ 100,000 a year, here we pay the salaries of programmers much more modest. If the comparison with the US market seems unrealistic, the comparison of the salaries of the German and French developers compared to the Italian ones is decidedly more realistic.
According to the figures circulating online, the average salary in Germany for a programmer with some years of experience is about 40,000 euros per year, while it would be about 35,000 in France. And in Italy? According to some surveys, the average salary of a developer in Italy is between 20,000 and 30,000 euros gross per year, most often with project contracts lasting a few years at most.

Better a Freelance career? It depends. In this regard I invite you to read this post and to do four counts with taxes and bureaucracy .

But what is the solution then? For many of our countrymen, the solution, unfortunately, is to emigrate in search of fortune . If the States have always represented the land of dreams for those who do our job, today the international labor market offers many other opportunities: the emerging economies (if you can still call them) offer interesting career opportunities, but without planning Transoceanic journeys can be aimed at destinations much more at hand: England and Switzerland, for example, can offer interesting and well-paid opportunities.

From the point of view of skills , at this moment, the most appealing are the sector of the development of apps for mobile devices (expanding sector) but there are huge opportunities also in the video game industry (there is a great demand for developers of videogames ) and the Internet (development of web applications especially in the cloud). In the years to come, the sectors of wearable technology (there will be a sea of ​​apps to be developed) and the Internet of Things (Internet Of Things) will prove to be very interesting.

The most requested subjects are, without a doubt, Java , Objective-C (for the Apple world) and NET Framework (Windows world). As far as the web-publishing sector is concerned, PHP is still the most requested language, followed by Phyton and Rails, which in recent years have been able to carve out an important part of the market.

If you aspire to a career as a programmer, then you know what you have to do: study a lot, hacked with the code from morning to night, learn languages ​​and buy a nice plane ticket. With a little ‘luck you can aspire to a good salary and a rewarding career. Who stays in Italy (as the undersigned) there is nothing but good luck!