See the wacky menu at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp in Florida

It’s not every day you visit a restaurant in Florida and find dishes like fried fish legs, catfish and fried alligator. However, at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp in Cocoa, Florida, you’ll find just that. Plus a few other delicious items, too. Some might say the menu at this roadside spot is particularly wacky, while others might just enjoy the Old Florida vibe it offers.

What do you think of the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp in Cocoa, Florida? Do you think this menu is wacky or wonderful? Sound off in the comments section! Or if you’re looking for more tour information, be sure to check out the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp website Where Facebook page.

Meanwhile, when you’re in the area, add a bit of adventure to your trip by stopping at the Thousand Islands for bioluminescent kayaking.

Address: Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, 8199 W King St, Cocoa, FL 32926, USA

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