Stinky’s Fish Camp Brings Fresh Seafood and Elevated Experience to the Baton Rouge Marriott

Stinky’s Fish Camp Brings Fresh Seafood and Elevated Experience to the Baton Rouge Marriott

Instead of shooting at a trendy mall or neighborhood market for your next meal, you might find yourself walking through the sliding doors of the Baton Rouge Marriott on Corporate Boulevard.

The hotel’s restaurant, Florida-based Stinky’s Fish Camp opened in September, but The restaurant is attracting new attention this week as the hotel unveils its $ 25 million renovation.

Chef Jim Richard, co-owner of parent company Stinky’s Word of Mouth Restaurant Group with chefs Brannon Janca and Todd Misener, first opened Trenasse, Stinky’s sister restaurant, in the InterContinental New Orleans in 2013. Richard , originally from Lafayette, heads the group expansion effort in the capital, wanting to replicate the success of Trenasse.

The ironic name comes from Richards’ stint as a line cook at Commander’s Palace in the 90s. The executive chef at the time would describe any new staff member as “stinky.” For Richard, the name stuck.

While operating a restaurant inside a hotel is undoubtedly a challenge, Stinky’s high product, presentation and service outweigh the odds, says Andy McGinty, Director of Food and drinks for the Baton Rouge Marriott.

“We’re going to keep the relaxed vibe of the original restaurant, but we’re approaching it from a gastronomic perspective,” McGinty said. “There is thought and care in everything we do.

The menu made from scratch offers diners a familiar Louisiana-inspired range with classic seafood and po-boy dishes, but signatures of Stinky’s beachfront location endures, as does its famous oyster and dessert logs and fresh fish of the day.

Stinky’s is known for serving its dishes on “logs”When the original location opened, it didn’t have enough money to buy plates, McGinty says. Fortunately, they had logs in the back, and a tradition was born. Today, the restaurant is known for serving oysters cooked in six ways and for making desserts for big parties on pieces of wood.

Stinky’s also handles all banquets and catering for the Marriott, the first location to undertake a business of this magnitude. Even when work events feed hundreds, the staff always prepare whatever is fresh, McGinty says.

Stinky’s sleek, upscale interior matches the warm tones and wood accents found in the rest of the hotel’s renovation. The seating area adheres to brown and white neutrals while the cabins are covered in rich blue fabric.

The large hotel bar open offers an extensive wine list, as well as local craft beers.

Stinky’s Fish Camp is located inside the Baton Rouge Marriott at 5500 Hilton Ave. Check times for brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour, and late nights here.

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