The Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket for 2022

The ocean surrounding Phuket is a rich source of fresh and delicious seafood. And with fishermen bringing in local catches daily, trying the seafood in Phuket is something you shouldn’t miss! From beachfront eateries to hidden spots on the edge of the mangroves, we’ve compiled a list of Phuket’s best seafood restaurants you must try in 2022.

Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket to Try in 2022

Phuket’s best local restaurants serving fresh and tasty seafood straight from the ocean.

1. Kan Eang @ Wharf

One of Phuket’s most renowned and oldest seafood restaurants is Kan Eang @ Pier. The restaurant, located on Chalong Bay Beach, offers indoor and outdoor dining spaces with stunning marina views. Most of the seafood on the menu is traditional Sino-Thai cuisine. Don’t forget to try their famous tom ka gai, lobster baked in butter and fried freshwater grass with prawns (chicken in coconut milk). You have the flexibility to select the perfect wine combination for your seafood feast as a Wine Connection outlet is also on site.

Opening hours: Open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Address: 44/1 Viset Road, Rawai, Muang, Phuket 83130.

PHOTO: Kan Eang @ Wharf

2. Restaurant Mor Mu Dong

Mor Mu Dong is a rather unusual seafood restaurant in the east of Phuket. It’s a bit difficult to locate, which makes it a hidden gem. You can choose to eat outdoors in small private wooden “Salas” overlooking the mangroves, or indoors in a simple, rustic setting under the trees. The seafood here is superb. In fact, the Michelin Guide to Phuket gave the restaurant a ‘Bib Gourmand’ rating. Stuffed fish, calamari salad and sea bass with plum sauce are among the most popular dishes. In addition to seafood, Mor Mu Dong serves delicious pork dishes with kruang nam prik, spicy chili sauce, and chicken dishes.

Opening hours: Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Address: 9/4 Moo 3, Soi Palai, Chao Fa Road, Chalong, Phuket 83130.

Mor Mu Dong.  Photo via

PHOTO: Mor Mu Dong via

3. Laem Hin Seafood

Laem Hin Seafood, located on the east coast of Phuket, is a wonderful place to eat fresh seafood while admiring the ocean view. Built largely on a spacious wooden deck, there’s no denying that the restaurant’s location above the river is lovely and the food is excellent. You can enjoy the freshest seafood as everything is supplied by local fishermen and kept alive in large tanks in the kitchen. Additionally, the restaurant serves a wide variety of southern Thai dishes. Fresh oysters with garlic, lime, chilli and herbs are a must. Stir-fried crab with black peppercorns is another delicious seafood recipe from Thailand that you must try.

Opening hours: Open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Address: 90/11 Soi Baan Laem Hin, Thepkasattri Road, 90/11 Soi Baan Laem Hin, Thepkasattri Road.

The Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket

PHOTO: Laem Hin Seafood Phuket

4. Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant

On the east coast of Phuket, near the Bang Pae waterfall, there is another well-known seafood restaurant called Bang Pae. Similar to Mor Mu Dong, it is somewhat hidden and hard to find. That said, the restaurant is almost always crowded on weekends. With the mangroves and the open sea in the background, the location is simple yet exciting. The restaurant’s cuisine is also exceptional because it is labeled “Bib Gourmand”. Popular dishes like steamed blue crab, tom yum talay, fresh oysters with local herbs, sautéed vegetables with pine nuts and shrimp tempura will never let you down.

Opening hours: Open daily from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Address: 2CP8+M37 at Pa Klok, Thalang District, Phuket 83110.

Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant

PHOTO: Bang Pae Seafood Restaurant

5. Koh Ang Seafood

Go to Ko Ang Seafood if you want to experience a real local seafood restaurant. Ko Ang Seafood, found on the east coast of Phuket, has been around for a long time. The seafood specialties are arguably some of the best in Phuket, though it may not be the fanciest establishment. You can enjoy wonderful seafood that is hard to get anywhere else thanks to the dedicated chef and his team. Don’t miss their mouth-watering yum kai mangda talay and gaeng som Phuket style.

Opening hours: Open daily from 5:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Address: 226/2 Phuket Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000.

Seafood from Ko Ang.  Photo via

PHOTO: Ko Ang Seafood via

So which one are you most excited to try? No matter which seafood restaurant you decide to try first, your taste buds are sure to be delighted.

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