The executive chef at Matt’s Fish Camp in Bethany Beach has the master’s touch

It takes a whole village to satisfy the appetites of the Master’s Golf Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Just ask Tobias “Toby” Adams, executive chef of Matt’s Fish Camp in Bethany Beach, who has worked at the event, which takes place every April, since 1989.

During the tournament, Adams is a member of the Masters Accommodation Inc. team, which coordinates events for corporate sponsors and select professional golfers. Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson have been clients. A single chef can be responsible for parties ranging from four to over 70 people. For the most recent event, Adams was handed over to sponsor EDF Trading.

“We offer sit-down meals, family breakfasts, packed lunches and four-course dinners, in addition to hors d’oeuvres, freshly baked bread and desserts,” Adams said.

After making breakfast, Adams headed to a nearby market to pick up some fresh produce and protein. Based on what appealed to him, he created the dinner menu. This year he took care of all the catering for the client with the help of a support person.

Adams is no stranger to the South. He grew up in the Carolina low country between Charleston and Savannah. His grandmother, a Cherokee, and his grandfather owned a farm with cattle, chickens and vegetables. “They were cooking what is now known as ‘farm-to-table’ food,” he said. Her other grandmother was celebrated for her skill with seafood, game and waterfowl that her grandfather, an avid outdoorsman, brought home.

Adams, who has worked with some of Charleston’s most celebrated chefs, moved to Bethany Beach in 2004.

“Toby’s background and culinary skills are a huge asset to Matt’s Fish Camp, which focuses on seafood,” said Doug Ruley, business manager for SoDel Concepts, which owns the restaurant and nine others. A 10th, second Bluecoast Seafood Grill and Raw Bar will open in June. “His knowledge of Southern cuisine also benefits our restaurants; our customers love dishes such as okra and shrimp and grits. We’re excited to see all he can do.”

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