Where in Maine can you find great fried seafood?

PORTLAND, Maine – Fortunately, there is no law that requires people to eat lobster in Maine, although it may seem to some people – tourists in particular – that they are flouting the custom when they spend a week here and never open a claw or body. Out of 207, we do not judge. Every now and then, however, we look for recommendations, and on this occasion we asked Joe Ricchio, editor of “Decor Maine” magazine, to direct us to some of his favorite places for fried seafood. This approach takes us away from lobster, but keeps us close to what’s fresh and local, be it fish, clams, scallops, whatever.

While we were talking, I asked Joe what he considers the key to good frying. “Well,” he said, “I can tell you what makes a bad fry: soggy. Does anyone disagree? Seeing no hands raised, we’ll conclude that no one likes seafood with a soft, slippery coating.

Joe has compiled a list of five casual restaurants in Maine, from Kittery to Cornish to Penobscot, that serve exceptional fried seafood. Watch our chat to see what he likes about these places.

–Bay Haven Lobster Pound, Cornwall

– Bagaduce lunch, Penobscot

–Estes Lobster House, Harpswell

–Salty Bay Seafood, Scarborough

–Bob’s Clam Hut, Kittery and Portland

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