Your guide to the best seafood restaurants in Corpus Christi

If you are craving flavors of the sea, you have come to the right place.

Living in the Coastal Curve means you don’t have to cast a large net to find plenty of spots with shrimp, fish, oysters, crab, and more.

Whether it’s fast food, fried seafood, fresh seafood, or just the restaurant atmosphere, the Caller-Times editorial staff has selected some of their favorite seafood restaurants from the region.

And you will find that some of us have more than one favorite!

In no specific order, here are some of the seafood restaurants we love:

GABE HERNANDEZ / CALLER-TIMES Lunch plates are ready for delivery to customers during lunchtime on Wednesdays at Blue Clove.

You don’t need to be a staff member to participate! Can’t see your favorite restaurant on this list? Email me at [email protected] and tell me why you love it.


Yes. Because Boat-N-Net is a local institution. So much so that actress Eva Longoria took a photo in front of a location during her visit to Corpus Christi in 2015.

“It’s cheap, it’s good and the tartar sauce is good. And I grew up with it. It was right next to my elementary school in Kostoryz.” – Alexandria Rodriguez, journalist

4808 Kostoryz Road and 3808 S. Staples St.

Eva Longoria, from Corpus Christi, poses in front of Boat-N-Net during her visit to her hometown in 2015.

The blue clove

Tony Posada Sr., his brother Isidro and his son, Tony Jr., teamed up to open The Blue Clove two years ago in the heart of the city’s Westside.

After years of cooking at the Corpus Christi Yacht Club, the trio decided to make their own thing and serve up ceviche, a shrimp cocktail, fried tilapia and salmon.


GABE HERNANDEZ / CALLER-TIMES The Clove on Wednesday July 6, 2016, in Corpus Christi.

Doc’s Seafood and Steaks

When friends and family are in town for a visit, this is the place with the best photo ops.

“Nice views and good food. Ideal for out of town guests who want to spend time near the water. “- Tim Archuleta, editor

13309 S. Padre Island Parkway

Angry Marlin restaurant and CoolWater bar

The Angry Marlin on the island offers a friendly dining experience. And the best part? They will cook your catch.

“Usually I just tell the chef what kind of fish fillets I have and ask him to be creative. It’s a favorite neighborhood restaurant, so often the guests at multiple tables know each other and can chat with diners at the restaurant. proximity. I’ve never been disappointed. Neither have my guests. ” – Outdoor reporter David Sikes

15605 S. Padre Island Parkway

La Ribera

This hidden gem of the city’s Westside can become a favorite spot for lunch with colleagues on weekdays, especially if you’re craving a random ceviche.

It’s cheap and if you don’t like seafood you can always order enchiladas.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a fish market right next door?

1602 Morgan Avenue

King seafood

Some of the best comfort food.

“Because it’s fatty and delicious and they have green tartar sauce which is (addictive).” – Beatriz Alvarado, journalist

3315 Baldwin Road.

King seafood

Grill in salted water

This Southside restaurant has been around for seven years and is fast becoming a favorite with locals.

“They really know how to cook fish. The fish and shrimp are always fresh, perfectly cooked and the sauces are wonderful. I’ve been told if you grab yours and bring it along, they’ll cook it for you. place is a gem. ” – Clay Carpenter, planner

“Good grilled and fried seafood. Family-friendly. A place where you could become a ‘regular customer’.” – Tim Archuleta, editor

2401 Cimarron, office 101.

Water Street Oyster Bar

Water Street Market restaurants, including the Executive Surf Club and the Oyster Bar, have been a popular spot in Corpus Christi since the 90s.

“If I’m not mistaken, he actually introduced blackened fish to Corpus Christi, he’s committed to serving fresh fish, and because his seafood okra may actually be better than the okra in the New Orleans.” – Tom Whitehurst, Opinion Writer

309 N Water St.

A couple dine at the Water Street Oyster and Sushi Bar.  The restaurant is part of Dine Downtown from January 19 to 28, 2018.

Banda seafood

If you like Boat-N-Net, give this place a chance as well.

“I’ve always been a fan of Banda’s Seafood on Port. It’s like Boat N Net, but much better. They have a wall-sized menu with a ton of options, apple logs earth (no fries) and different types of fish. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. – Tim Acosta, journalist

2751 S Port Ave.

Railroad Seafood Station and Brewing Co.

This place has everything from fresh seafood to burgers, steaks and chicken strips with a great sauce.

And because the sweet potato fries!

Oh, and they brew their own beer.

1214 N. Chaparral St.

Costa Sur Wok & Ceviche Bar

Head to the island and try some of these creative dishes.

“I have never had a dish here that I have already tasted or that I have not liked. Be adventurous. Talk to the chef if possible. Don’t go for fried fish!” – David Sikes, external reporter

15113 S Padre Island Drive, Suite 101

Black Marlin Bar & Grill

Black Marlin was hit by Hurricane Harvey but it’s open again and better than ever.

The shrimp dishes here are always a favorite, their specialties are always inventive and the service and cocktails are always on point.

And don’t forget to say hello to Chef Gail Huesmann when you’re there!

258 Snapdragon, Port Aransas

Garden restaurant

Another local favorite on Ocean Drive, which regularly has a vegetarian dish on its menu.

“I worked there for over 10 years, so I got to eat a lot of fresh and delicious seafood. They make interesting and tasty sauces for people who are fed up with only having a choice of seafood. fried or blackened fish on the menu. ” – Allison Ehrlich, archivist

“Yardarm is the place to go for really special occasions. It’s very exclusive, really small and intimate. It truly is a hidden treasure in Corpus Christi.” – Rachel Denny Clow, photographer

4310 Ocean Drive

The dinner crowd at the Yardarm.

La Playa Mexican Grill in Port Aransas

Not to be confused with Mexican restaurants La Playa in Corpus Christi, La Playa in Port Aransas is another recommended by journalist David Sikes.

And because the guacamole is made fresh at your table.

“Your choice of grilled fish is full of flavor and just the right amount of spice, with a side of grilled vegetables. The crayfish enchiladas (in season) are topped with a rich sauce and chunks of crab if you like. ask. ” – David Sikes

222 beach avenue, Port Aransas

Cheryl’s By the Bay in Fulton

A favorite with the locals of Fulton and Rockport. Cheryl’s offers breakfast, brunch and dinner.

112 S. Fulton Beach Road, Fulton

Shempy’s Grill in Rockport

According to locals, Shempy’s Grill has some of the best seafood on the coast. And they frequently update their Facebook page so you always know what’s on for lunch.

3913 Highway 35 S., Rockport.

Charlie’s Catfish

A favorite with locals, Catfish Charlie’s serves up some of the best okra in town.

“The locals know they have the best catfish, shrimp, frog legs and okra in Corpus Christi. A favorite since 1977 not to be missed! – Reagan Brown, Caller-Times reader

5830 McArdle Road Suire 12

Snoopy’s Pier

Are you really from Corpus Christi if you haven’t been to Snoopy’s Pier?

“Go for the view and stay for the excellent fried entrees”, – Allison Ehrlich, archivist

13313 S. Padre Island promenade.

Black Diamond Oyster Bar

This restaurant is now located in Flour Bluff and some locals say they won’t eat seafood anywhere else.

“Their star dishes vary by day. The fish sauces are never overwhelming. Rockefeller oysters are the best I’ve ever had. Plus, their fries are house cut, not frozen.” – Caller-Times Reader, Monica Quiroga Rowlings

NAS drive 418

La Costeñita

Another hidden gem in the city’s Westside.

“I recommend the Diabolitos Rancheros, which are bacon-coated shrimp with a jalapeño and cottage cheese inside, served with corn tortillas and Ranchero sauce. It’s amazingly good!” – Caller-Times Reader, Keith Rawlings

4217 Leopard Street

Laguna Reef Restaurant

This restaurant in Flour Bluff is reasonably priced, we enjoy its laid back atmosphere, its beautiful view – think Snoopy’s, but across the Laguna Madre – and the food is good too.

Oh, and they’ll cook your catch if you bring it.

4242 Laguna Shores Road

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Snoopys Pier

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